Hey I use to be called fat everyday since 1st grade, it was hard for me i remember i went on a diet in 3rd grade because i couldn’t take it anymore but kids still made fun of me.. Whenever the teacher gave me candy or food they grab a pen and wrote diet on it. Then the beginning of 4th grade they start calling me fatass everyday, no one think it hurt me inside because i just laugh when they said it but it killed the fuck inside of me, it felt like someone shooting me in the stomach. I felt like no one cared about me so i stop talking to everyone that year, then 2 yrs past i was in middle school.. Things got worse a kid beat the fuck out of me because i was taking up 2 seats at the back of the bus.. 2 years past then i weigh 200 pounds… I couldn’t take it anymore because this one girl said she would go out with me but she said she can’t because she would get made fun of because i was fat. So i changed my life i join wrestling and i lost 30 pounds then and i stop eating bad  and drink 8 cups of water everyday! Then later i was dropping weight like crazy i ran 5 miles a day. By the time I dropped 50 pounds and it was freshmen year. And that one girl that liked me? She wanted to hook up with me because i was obv skinny now. And you know what I said to her? I told her to go fuck her self. So im just saying in this point never give up, anything could happen because im 10x happier with my life.

Dabs for days